Trade smarter with Market Dynamics. No coding required
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Trade smarter with Market Dynamics. No coding required.

Our intuitive visual approach makes it easy for traders of all levels of experience, to transform their ideas into fully automated trading strategies without the need for any coding knowledge whatsoever.

Systematic trading made easy

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The power of algorithmic trading with the freedom of a canvas



Use our intuitive flow-based tool to build technical trading strategies faster than ever before and without a single line of code.

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Instantly back test your new trading strategy with up to 30 years of market data and receive automatic suggestions for refinements.

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Paper trade your new strategy in just a few clicks to confirm the effectiveness before committing any capital.

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Leverage pre-built integrations to fully automate your trading and execute live trades with your preferred broker.

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Trade from anywhere

Never miss an opportunity

All the features you need to monitor the performance of your strategies and trade wherever you are, whenever you want

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Packed with features

Everything you need for interactive design

Drag and drop strategy builder
Convert your ideas and strategies into trading algorithms without the need for any coding.
Real-time global market data
Trade with live market data for over 200,000 financial instruments from 75 global exchanges.
Machine learning strategy trainer
Receive actionable insights and suggestions on how to improve your strategies.
Back testing module
Accurately validate algorithm performance using up to 30 years of historical market data.
Automatic risk management
Fully customisable trading parameters and safeguards to closely manage your downside exposure.
Chart pattern analysis
Automatically identify high probability chart patterns and instantly execute trades.
Economic data
Incorporate economic events data and create multi-factor combination strategies.
Strategy marketplace
Leverage other traders’ expertise by automatically replicating their strategies.
Broker integrations
Use our pre-configured integrations to trade with your existing brokers accounts.

Start with the basics

Whether you are new to the markets or just looking to improve your skills, start with the basics using our trading strategy library.