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Go to the Build page and on the right-hand side, start filling in the form by typing in the symbol or name of the instrument that you want to trade. Choose a timeframe and finally give your strategy a short name. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button to start building.
Once you’ve completed your strategy on the canvas, click on the Backtest button to test your strategy using 30 years of real historical market data. Use the results to refine your strategy.
Go to the Test page, select your strategy and then use the toggle switch to deploy the for forward testing. Choose the level of funds to allocate to the strategy in order to accurately simulate the results and then click deploy.
If you need to make a change after building, go to the Test page and select the strategy. Click on the ‘SA’ button to open the Strategy Add-on menu. Now Turn the Edit Timeframe and Symbol option on and type in your new preference accordingly. Click on submit to save.
Strategy Add ons are additional options and tools that you can utilise to improve the performance of strategies. There are a number of add ons that we provide - for free.